17th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium


For those who didn’t attend this year’s Symposium, we’ll keep this website up for a few more months so you can see what typically occurs at one of these events.


Mushroom dyers from all over the world will be gathering in Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada, to spend a week discovering (or rediscovering) the magic of mushroom colours. The Symposium will begin with a special welcome dinner on Monday, October 17, and the final dinner will take place on Saturday, October 22. We’ll say our farewells on the Sunday morning, October 23.

We have an exciting array of West Coast-themed workshops for registrants to choose from, along with forays and, of course, dyepot sessions. We suggest you sign up early, as some workshops will fill up quickly.

The forest usually teems with all manner of fungi in October, and we encourage everyone to sign up for one of the forays.

Workshops, cultural events, and time to socialize with old friends and new are important parts of every Symposium, and the Canadian event will not disappoint. The registration fee will cover four days of workshops, dyepots, and forays (registrants will note their preferences at time of registration); six dinners; five lunches; dinner speakers and entertainment; transportation to and from the Langdale ferry terminal (if required); and a few pleasant surprises!

Those wishing to experience even more West Coast mushrooms may wish to arrive early, to attend the 8th Annual Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival, October 14-16, with the mushroom show and display on October 15, and presentation by and foray with Daniel Winkler. Details will appear on the website of the Sunshine Coast SHROOM shortly.

Madeira Park is a lovely village, part of Pender Harbour on BC’s Sunshine Coast, a West Coast rainforest paradise. The event will be based out of the Painted Boat Resort, where registrants will share condo units within walking distance of workshop and meal venues. Accommodation at the Painted Boat Resort, where the Symposium is centred, is now full. Please see the Accommodation page for further details and a list of alternative accommodation providers. Some RV sites are also available. (While tenting on the Sunshine Coast is wonderful in dry weather, please be aware that we often experience rain in October.)

Check this website regularly for more information, or email fungiandfibre2016@gmail.com.

18 thoughts on “17th International Fungi & Fibre Symposium

  1. I am delighted to be back in good enough condition and that the Symposium will be held close enough that we can drive to it. I have so much steel in my body that I set off alarms all over the place. I was the USA Rep. to the Symposium for many years, and taught or helped teach some sessions over the years. Keep us posted, as of now both Carl and I plan on attending.


  2. Excellent! We met briefly in Mendocino, but I was new to the whole concept and mostly stayed in the background, listening, watching, and soaking it all up. Glad to hear you’re both planning on attending.


  3. We’re finalizing the details and will have the registration fee set by March 1. It looks as if it will be around $600 Cdn, and that will include six dinners, five lunches, choice of workshops and forays, speakers, entertainment, and a few extras. If you’re sure you want to tent here in October, the Stonewater Motel (604-883-0046) has spots with no hook-up for $25/night. I’ve been trying to contact the Crossroads Grill, which also operates an RV site, but haven’t been able to get through on their posted phone number. We want to post on the website alternative accommodation for people arriving in vehicles, so I’ll find out what’s happening there. Hope you can make it!


  4. I need a clarification. Is the IFFS actually on site of Madera Park the park or is on site of The Painted Boat where they are having the shroom festival. I’m trying to understand where to stay in relation to IFFS


  5. Madeira Park is the name of the village where everything will be centred, and the Painted Boat is in the village, within walking distance of most everything (and we’ll provide transportation to those events not within walking distance). We’ll also provide transportation to and from the ferry terminal in Langdale. If you’re coming without a vehicle, the Painted Boat is the best accommodation choice – it’s the only central location. Plus, their units face the water and are lovely to stay in. Glad to hear you’re planning on attending!


  6. I’m incredibly excited for this event! Will there be any events open to the general public? Perhaps a market-type event? My grandma, mom, and I would love to attend and see what’s going on, but it will be too expensive for us all to go. We would be happy to pay an entrance fee to see what people have created and to talk to them about it. My mom lives in Sechelt so it’s easy for us to zip up for a day. Alternately, if there’s an option to just sign up for one or two workshops, that would be amazing too. Thank you! -Michalina


  7. You have good reason to be excited, Michalina – it’s going to be a grand week all around. There’s no option to register for single workshops, but we will have an exhibit area where registrants will display mushroom-dyed and -crafted items they’ve made over the previous two years. This will be open to the public on the morning of Saturday, October 22, along with a display of all the mushrooms collected over the week, and that will include the mushrooms displayed at the Sunshine Coast Mushroom Festival, October 15 at the Pender Harbour Community Hall – another reason to zip up from Sechelt! Hope to see you up this way then.


  8. We will have a spouse registration fee of $65 Cdn, which will include a ticket to the welcome dinner and access to the hospitality and exhibit space throughout the week. Forays, lunches, and dinners for the remainder of the week are part of the Symposium package and will not be available to non-registrants. We may be able to offer tickets to the final dinner, depending on numbers, but that will be announced later.


  9. I have attended with my wife since 1997 and have always registered but not attended all workshops only those that included forays and days out. It’s worth it to go the whole hog AND it helps the organisers to balance the books – it ain’t cheap running a symposium. Look forward to seeing you all in October.


  10. Thanks, Frank – looking forward to seeing you and Marilyn again. And it’s definitely the case again for this Symposium – going the whole hog will be worth it for the food forests, if nothing else!


  11. Hi there, looking forward to this. Where do we rank our choices? Top of my list are cedar baskets, lichen dyes, and eco-printing, followed by drop spindle, daily dyepots, and all the forays that can still fit in. Question: the cedar basket course is an additional $25 which was to be paid at registration, but no PayPal button for same. How do we pay for it, then? On the spot? Thx.


  12. Hi, Regan. You need to go to the Registration page on the website and fill out the form. There you can choose up to five options and rank them by choice. After you submit the form, you’ll need to come back to the page and complete your payment through PayPal unless you choose to send a cheque or money order.

    We were originally going to charge an additional materials fee for the cedar basket workshop, but then decided not to – but we forgot to delete that from the website. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

    Glad to hear you’re planning on joining us in October!


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