West Coast rainforest

West Coast rainforest

Every Symposium registrant will have a chance to participate in a mushroom foray on trails ranging from easy walking to clambering through rough bush. Sturdy footwear and rain gear are advised. Members of our local mushroom club, the Sunshine Coast Society for the Hunting, Recognition and Observation of Mushrooms (SHROOM), will accompany each foray.

We will provide transportation to each foray location. Our foray leaders:

Alissa Allen
of Seattle, Washington, is a self-taught textile artist and amateur mycologist specializing in presenting regional mushroom and lichen dye palettes to communities throughout the US. Her foray will include a focus on lichens.








Dr John Field is a biologist and retired university instructor, with a life-long passion for
natural history. He resides on the Sunshine Coast and gives introductory-level workshops on mushrooms each year.


Paul Kroeger
, a mycologist from Vancouver, BC, has studied mushrooms for more than thirty-five years. He is considered an expert on field and technical identification of BC macrofungi.

Paul Kroeger with boletes

Duane Sept
is a biologist, professional photographer, and author of 20 books, including the best-selling Common Mushrooms of the Northwest (Calypso Publishing). His work history has included working as a park naturalist in Canada’s parks.

Duane brings a wealth of information to the public in much the same way as he has inspired thousands of park visitors. He is currently the President of the Sunshine Coast Society for the Hunting, Recognition and Observation of Mushrooms (SCSHROOM).






Daniel Winkler
of Seattle, Washington, grew up collecting and eating wild mushrooms in the Alps and for eighteen years has been foraging in the Pacific Northwest and working as a mushroom educator and guide.


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